Child/Maternal Mortality Outline

For this project I took data that displays the mortality rates among infants, neonatal, young children, and mothers. I am to compare these with causes of death in Texas regions in 2013. This will allow us to diagnose what health issues are associated with increasing maternal deaths.

The data will help us answer the following questions: What health factors are associated with child and maternal mortality?  Do uninsured persons suffer greater deaths? Where are the areas that have the greatest maternal and child mortality?What are the biggest health issues that correlate with the death rates?

I will likely be using two different visualizations: one more infants and one for maternal mortality. In the data I will add health filters such as “persons without insurance” to zoom in on the issues. I will first concentrate on this factor, and then look at “teen births” in another visualization.


Introduction (research, unanswered questions)

Part 1: Maternal deaths and lack of insurance

Analyze Data with Visualization

Part 2:  Teen births and child mortality

Analyze Data with Visualization

Conclusion: Trends, link between Maternal and child mortality



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